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National Park Information Centres


National Park Information Centres

National Park Information Centres

Knowledge protects nature

An environmental educator from The Norwegian Nature Inspectorate has an office at Hardangervidda Nature Centre. The educator’s main task is to provide information about nature in the national park and in Hordaland in general. In this way, we wish to inspire people to use, experience and gain knowledge about the fantastic nature Norway has to offer.

Knowledge and positive outdoor experiences form a basis for taking care of the environment for future generations. We are all responsible for contributing to the sustainable management of nature.

The environmental educator also offers school sessions for classes and other groups at the nature centre. All educational sessions are based on the curriculum in Norwegian primary and secondary school. It is also possible to book lectures on the development of the landscape after the Ice Age, featuring spectacular photographs from Hardangervidda.

If you wish, you can also follow a nature trail in Øvre Eidfjord with information plaques about man’s utilisation of nature in previous times.


About the Norwegian National Park Information Centres:

  • There are 14 centres in Norway.
  • They are responsible for providing information about outdoor recreation and the public right of access in and around national parks.
  • They provide information about current issues in environmental management.
  • For more information, visit

The map shows the locations of the centres.