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An Extraordinary Experience

Explore the essence of Norwegian nature

Norwegian Nature Centre Hardanger is a modern experience centre for natural and cultural history. We offer three floors of exciting exhibitions, dioramas, interactive stations, innovative aquariums, educational videos and illustrative texts.

A walk through our three floors of exhibits shows you the best in Norwegian nature. Take a closer look at the wildlife, nature and climate. Explore the interaction between nature and culture. By watching, touching, listening and learning, you become an active and creative part of the exhibition.

Norwegian Nature Centre Hardanger is an authorised National Park Centre for Hardangervidda. We transmit knowledge about geology, botany, glaciology, zoology, archaeology and ornithology. Our innovative technological teaching methods are an experience for the whole family. We aim at making a visit to the centre and its exhibitions an exciting, fun and educational experience.

A Short Excerpt From Our Theme Exhibitions:

Hardangervidda National Park is the largest national park in Norway, and Hardangervidda is the largest highland plateau in Northern Europe. The oldest rock types found on the plateau are 1100 and 1700 million years old. Fossils found in the area show that the plateau once lay on the seabed. In our exhibition, we follow 500 million years of geological history, back to the time when Norway was located south of the equator.

25 million years ago, glaciers started to develop. In our exhibitions, you can explore the climate, nature and wildlife at Hardangervidda through time:

  • See how glaciers develop, grow and decrease over time, and shape valleys and nature.
  • Play a game based on the different seasons.
  • Experience the Ice Age by touching a snow crystal.
  • Watch an animation that shows how our planet is constantly changing.
  • Go back in time and talk to Ottar, a hunter from The Middle Ages. Ottar knows a lot about most cultures and eras, and can tell you about life on the mountain plateau, and about our own time.
  • Hardangervidda has a rich wildlife, and is the southernmost habitat of the arctic fox, the snowy owl and several other arctic plant and animal species. The plateau is home to Europe’s largest population of wild reindeer, and at the nature centre, a majestic herd of reindeer greets the visitors.
  • Try our interactive programme on botany and zoology. Follow several different animals to learn about their habitat, diet and enemies in the struggle to survive, breed and look after their offspring.



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Opening hours

April - oktober: 10.00-18.00
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